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The Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA), the national voice of Medicaid managed care organizations, is inviting proposals for 45-minute workshop sessions at its 2019 Annual Conference, Medicaid: Innovation at Work.


Founded in 1995, MHPA represents the interests of the Medicaid managed care industry through advocacy and research to support innovative policy solutions that enhance the delivery of coordinated, comprehensive, cost-effective, and quality healthcare for all Medicaid enrollees. MHPA is dedicated to protecting the financial and structural viability of the Medicaid program to ensure access to needed healthcare services for America’s underserved and vulnerable populations.


Our nation’s Medicaid program is ripe for disruption, and Medicaid health plans are driving innovation to modernize this critical 54-year-old federal-state partnership. MHPA19 - Medicaid: Innovation at Work, will serve as the nexus of transformative technologies, federal and state policy discussions, and Medicaid managed care’s focus on the member and their experience. MHPA19 will consist of three innovation-focused tracks — Technology, Policy, and Operations — each with five, 45-minute workshop sessions.



MHPA’s goal is to fulfill the educational needs of our diverse audience by providing a selection of relevant topics addressed by professional and knowledgeable presenters that help stimulate thoughtful discussions and memorable takeaways. At MHPA19, attendees will interact with executive and senior leaders from national, multi-state Medicaid managed care organizations as well as regional and single-state for-profit and not-for-profit Medicaid health plans. Medicaid thought leaders, advocates, and state and federal policymakers and regulators will also be in attendance.


MHPA seeks to create balanced and comprehensive workshops that reflect a multitude of perspectives. MHPA’s Membership and Meetings Committee will review and select proposed sessions based on the following criteria:

  • Overall quality of the proposal, including completeness of the application;
  • Practical application of technology solutions or operational innovation in partnership with Medicaid managed care organization(s);
  • Focused and well-defined topic of relevance to Medicaid and population(s) served, and;
  • Presentation skill(s) and experience of the proposed speaker(s).



To meet the educational goals of all attendees, we are requiring interested parties to identify a representative from a Medicaid health plan they currently work with to present or co-present in their proposed ssession(s).  

Presenters/speakers may not sell, raffle or otherwise promote a product, service, or organization in which they have a financial interest. The focus is exclusively on the work done in collaboration with Medicaid health plans and valuable role managed care organizations play in supporting the Medicaid program and its enrollees.



Proposals Issued:                            March 21, 2019

Proposals Due:                                 April 12, 2019

Awards:                                            May 3, 2019


Proposals from MHPA Business Associate Members and MHPA19 Annual Conference Sponsors can be submitted free of charge and will be given preference by the Membership and Meetings Committee. All other interested parties must submit a payment of $250 to the Medicaid Health Plans of America, and separately register for the Annual Conference upon award.

If chosen to present, your conference registration will be 100% complimentary. 


Submission & Questions

All proposal forms must be completed in full and emailed to Devin Smith at

All questions should be directed to Devin Smith at or 202-857-5732.


Download a RFP Submission Form