Manik Bhat

CEO & Cofounder

Manik Bhat is the CEO of Healthify, a New York-based company on a mission to build a world where no one’s health is hindered by their need. Manik cofounded Healthify while working as a community health worker in Baltimore where he witnessed, first hand, how closely poor health outcomes and the increasing cost of care were tied to unmet social needs such as food insecurity and affordable housing.

Today, Healthify helps large healthcare organizations identify and manage the unaddressed social needs of their most vulnerable populations. Healthify delivers a leading solution to enable healthcare organizations to find community services for their members, track social needs across their population, and coordinate care with community-based services in an
integrated network.

As a partner to health plans, social service agencies, and provider networks working with Medicaid and Medicare members, Healthify enables integrated care to fulfill the promise of a value-based healthcare system. Healthify’s solutions are used across the country by thousands of staff and have been featured by TEDMED, the Center for Healthcare Strategies, KPMG, the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Forbes.